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Access & Discovery: Requirements

Sharing documentation that will assist you with discovering and accessing our e-Resources.

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Manuals & Guidelines

Hardware Requirements

To make sure that you do not experience any difficulty to access our Library resources remotely, we suggest that your workstation, whether PC, Laptop or Netbook, adhere to the following minimum requirements:

  • Pentium 4 processor running at 2GHz​
  • 512MB RAM (1024MB is recommended)
  • Modem (192Kbps download speed recommended)

Please note that we strongly recommend an ADSL line as mode of connection, since dial-up modems will be extremely slow and “time-outs” might occur.

Currently we have no recommendations for mobile devices especially tablets, but can confirm that many users are using Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab without any difficulty.

Software Requirements

Some additional software is required to access the webpages and view the downloadable articles. Users do not need to purchase any additional software and many will find that they already have the software installed on their workstations. Please ensure that your workstation also meets the minimum requirements for running the additional software properly:

  • Internet browsing software (please refer to the next section in this guideline for more information).
  • Adobe Reader to view and/or download the full-text PDF articles.
  • Adobe Flash Player to view multimedia files.
Browser Software

Internet Explorer has become the standard browser at the University of Pretoria and we understand that users might be comfortable with other Browser Software freely available on the internet.  Therefore, we include guidelines for the following popular browser software as well:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari (Only available to Apple Macintosh devices)
Local Internet Service Provider

Please confirm with your service provider that you have sufficient e-mail capacity. Many service providers have a limit on e-mail sizes and articles e-mailed to you might be rejected if your service provider found them to be too large.

If you have a limit (cap) on your internet service, it is recommended to have a minimum cap of 1GB. This should be adequate for research and study purposes and should also supply enough capacity for other non-study related web-browsing.