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Interior Architecture Module Material Strategies -- eBooks PLUS Printed books

Interior Architecture Study Module: Material Strategies  eBooks

Material Strategies eBook Blaine Brownell

Chapters based on fundamental material categories examine historical precedents, current opportunities, and future environmental challenges. Case studies featuring detailed illustrations showcase pioneering buildings from today's most forward-thinking architectural firms.

Materiology  The Creative Industry's Guide to Materials and Technologies eBook Daniel Kula

Materiology is directed at all those who are interested in materials and in working with materials: from architects, production designers, and stylists to artists.

Materials and design : the art and science of material selection in product design eBook Ashby M 2nd ed

This book explores the role of materials and manufacturing in product design.

Materials and interior design  eBook Brown R 2012

This book examines every aspect of the the use of materials in interior design, from initial concept and selection to visual representation and practical application.

Printed books in Study Collection Library Level 3 [Entrance Level]

Materials and design : the art and science of material selection in product design  Ashby M 3rd ed 2014

This book explores the role of materials and materials processing in product design, with a particular emphasis on creating both desired aesthetics and functionality. The reader will find information ranging from the generic and commercial names of each material, its physical and mechanical properties, its chemical properties, its common uses, how it is typically made and processed, and even its average price.

Materiality and interior construction N Gesimondo 2011

Why materials matter : Design intentions : The design concept ; Human factors ; Health, safety, and welfare -- Historical overview : Chronology and technological development -- What it's made of and how it's made.

The Production of Space--Lefebvre

The Production of Space Scroll down to the middle of the Lefebvre page -- Monographs