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Hudson Yards: Bad urbanism in New York?

"Hudson Yards is a billionaire's fantasy of the future of city life" 


This past weekend, [March 2019] the public gained access to much of the first phase of the vast Hudson Yards development on Manhattan's Far West Side, one of the island's last major swaths of developable land, now outfitted with trophy architecture, an enormous mall, a new public plaza, and several spaces seemingly designed for Instagram.

Hudson Yards: Aaron Betsky’s opinion - August 2019 The outrage over New York's Hudson Yards is not really about ugly glass towers or bad urbanism – although it features both – but an unspoken disquiet that foreign ideas have overtaken a chunk of Manhattan. From Dezeen Images Dezeen

New Printed Books August 2019

Metaphor : an exploration of the metaphorical dimensions and potential of architecture Simon Unwin 2019  

Analysing architecture notebook series  Simile, cliché, metaphor? Body metaphors;Gender metaphors;Tree metaphors; Doorway metaphors;Metaphors of personality;Temple metaphors;Cottage metaphors and more...

Curve : possibilities and problems with deviating from the straight in architecture Simon Unwin 2019

Analysing architecture notebooks Instruments of curvature--Architecture's innate orthogonality--The ever-present melody--Movement curves--Structural curves--Curves from straight lines--Curves from nature--Orchestrating curves. 

The changing shape of architecture Michael Hensel, Fredrik Nilsson 2019 

The discipline of architecture is currently undergoing a significant change as professional practice and academia seem to be transforming one another specifically through succinct research undertakings. This book continues the discussion started in The Changing Shape of Practice on architectural offices' modes of research and lines of inquiry in architecture and how it reshapes practice. Continued underneath...

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New Books August 2019 CONTINUED

Christian Norberg-Schulz's interpretation of Heidegger's philosophy:care, place and architecture Hendrik Auret 2019 

Aimed at academics and scholars in architectural theory, history and philosophy, this book surveys the implications and significance of Norberg-Schulz’s works on architectural criticism in the late 20th century.

Prozesse reflexiven Entwerfens = Processes of reflexive design Margitta Buchert :2018

This book differentiate facets and entanglements of genesis, transformation and interaction of design and research in architecture and landscape architecture.

Infinite span. 90 years of Brazilian architecture Fernando Serapião, Guilherme Wisink 2018   

This publication assembles representative projects and works of Brazilian architecture made between 1920 and 2018, among them Oscar Niemeyer, Roberto Burle Marx, PAulo Mendes da Rocha, Sérgio Ferro and Lina Bo Bardi. 

Red Location cultural precinct : Noeroarchitects Samanta Bartocci 2018

Red Location Cultural Precinct is a project for the renovation and the creation of an heritage in Red Location, a district of New Brighton's township in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Jo Noero and his studio have worked to this ambitious project of transformation in the last 15 years, with the objective of building a new centre of focus in that part of the city devastated by the urban planning during the apartheid.

Upgrading informal settlements in South Africa : a partnership-based approach Liza Rose Cirolia, Tristan Görgens, Mirjam Van Donk, Warren Smit, Scott Drimie 2016 

What would a progressive upgrading agenda for informal settlements entail, and how could it be achieved? This agenda departs substantially from conventional housing delivery models, requiring a reassembling of policies, programming, practices and--most importantly--power. The 26 chapters of this book are written by researchers and practitioners from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences, and explore various aspects of participatory and incremental upgrading. They cover a wide range of topics, from alternative infrastructure technologies to redesigned fiscal frameworks.

Reading the landscape : notebook by Bernard Oberholzer 2014 

This notebook provides a brief overview of the role of natural systems in landscape and environmental planning, based on an approach of 'reading the landscape', with emphasis on the South African context.

Codesigning space : a primer TILT (Design agency) 2013

This book is a comprehensive introduction to the fresh approach of TILT,  London based design and architecture practice, demonstrating how codesign can shape environments and help define communities.

Gamestorming : a playbook for innovators, rulebreakers, and changemakers David Gray, Sunni Brown, James Macanufo 2010

This book includes more than 80 games to help break down barriers, communicate better, generate new ideas, insights and strategies.