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Rudolph Schindler's Manola Court apartments in Los Angeles revived  Manola Court, a Los Angeles apartment building designed by modernist architect Rudolph Schindler and completed between 1926 and 1939, has been updated by local firm Enclosures Architects to provide accommodation for its owners as well as short-term stays.  Dezeen 2 June 19

New Books June 2019

Architecture in wood : a world history  Will Pryce 2016

Wood has unique qualities, yet is undervalued or ignored in histories of architecture. However, leading designers around the world are increasingly drawn to it to satisfy social and environmental needs. Will Pryce has travelled the world seeking both famous and obscure buildings in wood. Intensely dramatic but not over-dramatized, technically flawless, but not merely documentary, his photographs convey all the excitement of encountering these amazing structures first hand. In the substantial text he shows how the wooden heritage of Japan grew from its Buddhist history; how Russia's carpenters determined its iconic domes; and how, today, sophisticated architects such as Peter Zumthor and Renzo Piano are inventing an eloquent new wooden architecture.

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New Books June 2019 continued

Architecture and resilience : interdisciplinary dialogues Kim Trogal ed Irena Bauman ed 2019 

Bringing together cross-disciplinary perspectives from architecture, urban design, art, geography, psychoanalysis and building science, this book examines multiple perspectives of research, spatial strategies and projects that test how we can build resilience in preparation of major societal challenges.

Creative heritage Jorg Schroder, Maurizio Carta, Sarah Hartmann 2018

Creative Heritage is a manifesto during the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018. It represents a call to forge connections once again between cultural heritage as things and spaces on the one hand and ideas and people on the other. Creative Heritage shows how cultural heritage can provide an impetus to integrate the society of today and design the cities of tomorrow. 

Analysing design thinking : studies of cross-cultural co-creation Bo Christensen, Linden J Ball, Kim Halskoy 2017

This book brings together 28 contributions from internationally leading academics with a shared interest in design thinking.

The walking society Anniina Koivu 2015

What is a "walking society"? A society that is in motion, that is setting out for somewhere. And what connects the individuals in this society with the ground they stand on? It's their shoes, of course. The book tells the story of the Camper brand while at the same time unfurling a range of related themes, from the anatomy of the foot to the cultural history of the shoe. All of which leads to a visual exploration of our "walking society".

Transformative pedagogies and the environment : creative agency through contemporary art and design Marie Sierra, Kit Wise 2018

This book demonstrates the important research activity occurring in studio teaching in Australi, the U.K. and New Zealand, showing how critically engaged and thoughtful  pedagogical practice involves students in the key issues of environment.

Latino urbanism : the politics of planning, policy, and redevelopment  David R. Diaz and Rodolfo D. Torres eds 2012

This collection of essays confronts the historical marginalization of Latinos, making evidently clear that critical Latino studies have much to offer to current debates around sustainable development, planning and urban studies.

Oriental interiors : design, identity, space by John Potvin:2015 

Oriental Interiors is the first book to fully explore the formation and perception of eastern-inspired interiors from an orientalist perspective. It explores how furnishings, surface treatments, ornament and music, for example, are deployed to enhance the exoticism and pleasures of oriental spaces, looking across a range of international locations. 

Participatory workshops : a sourcebook of 21 sets of ideas and activities Robert Chambers

Making participation real requires workshops, training and learning that are themselves participatory. This sourcebook makes easily accessible the author's experience in the field

The housing design handbook : a guide to good practice David Levitt, Jo McCafferty 2019

This completely revised edition provides an authoritative, comprehensive and systematic guide to best practice In what is perhaps the most contentious and complex field of architectural design.