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The barefoot architect : a handbook for green building Johan van Lengen 2008 A fully comprehensive guide to building in the tropical world, 'Barefoot Architect' covers everything from how to build in various climates, to the step-by-step practicalities of building homes that suit the local environment.

Ecomasterplanning  Ken Yeang 2009 Ken Yeang provides a comprehensive introduction to the ideas and principles that lie behind the many masterplans that he has designed. In a highly visually driven format, the book illustrates over 30 master plans produced by Yeang.

Achyut Kanvinde : ākār   B. K. Tanuja et al 2017 Achyut Kanvinde - Akar' is a monograph on the life and works of Achyut Kanvinde, one of the pioneers of Modern Architecture in India with a professional career spanning five decades.

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Cities in the future

Drones will transform cities and the way we live Dezeen Special Newsletter on our drone future

Image: Dezeen Special Newsletter on our drone future

Drones "as disruptive as the internet"  Deliveries and human transportation will take to "aerial highways" while architecture will change dramatically as drones transform our cities, according to our forthcoming documentary exploring the impact of drones.

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Solution for affordable housing? From Dezeen Weekly

Studio Edwards uses shipping containers to create a weekend retreat on a hillside in Australia  A trio of shipping containers has been converted into a weekend retreat set on stilts on a hillside overlooking Australia's Otway Coast by Melbourne practice Studio Edwards. The residence named House 28 is located on the edge of Wye River, a town that has grown up along a waterway that feeds into the sea on the Victorian coast. While its population is small, during the summer Wye River becomes a popular holiday destination thanks to the popular Great Ocean Road route.

From: Dezeen Weekly 19 - 25 February 2018