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The Architecture of neoliberalism Douglas Spencer 2016

Neoliberalism is a project to remake us, and our world, according to a purely economic rationality. In societies where the logic of the market reigns unopposed we must fashion our lives as entrepreneurial endeavors.  The Architecture of Neoliberalism pursues an uncompromising critique of architecture's part in this neoliberal turn. This book reveals how a self-styled parametric, post-critical and projection architecture serves mechanisms of control and compliance while promoting itself as progressive.

The sympathy of things : Ruskin and the ecology of design Lars Spuybroek 2017

If there is one thing we can learn from John Ruskin, it is that each age must find its own way to beauty' writes Lars Spuybroek in The Sympathy of Things. Spuybroek argues that we must 'undo' the twentieth century and learn to understand the aesthetic insights of the nineteenth-century art critic John Ruskin, from which he distils pointers for the contemporary age. Linking philosophy, design, and the digital, with art history, architecture, and craft, Spuybroek explores the romantic notion of 'sympathy', a core concept in Ruskin's aesthetics, re-evaluating it as the driving force of the twenty-first century aesthetic experience. For Ruskin, beauty always comprises variation, imperfection and fragility, three concepts that wholly disappeared from our mindsets during the twentieth century, but which Spuybroek argues to be central to contemporary aesthetics and design.

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