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Fabi: Research Support

Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute

Make Research Visible

Make Research Visible (with acknowledgement to L Adriaanse Unisa)

Create a Google Scholar account and activate to:

Create a Google Scholar Profile--Add selected articles to your Profile--Update information on your Profile

Creating a Google Scholar profile - slideshow

UP Space Submitting articles to UP Space

UP Space is a publicly accessible repository (archive) where all the work published by researchers affiliated with UP can be posted and viewed online. It contributes to the status of the institution by displaying the intellectual output of the institution as well as of the researcher. It is the ideal space for a researcher applying for NRF rating to place the most influential articles for peer-reviewing.


Bibliographic Style Book

Bibliographic style & reference techniques  Marlene Burger 2010 (Available in Merensky Library, Groenkloof Library + Architecture Reading Room)

The focus of the book is the Harvard Method (author-date method), but the APA method and running footnotes method have also been included.

Use Refworks Endnote Zotero Mendeley

A reference manager is a tool which helps you to store, organize and output your references/citations in the format you prefer.




UP Space - The Fabi collection

Word Template Thesis Style Sheet

  • Click on the Word template for thesis and dissertation.
  • Click on the Open button.
  • The template will open up in Microsoft Word.
  • Click on File  Save As and save the template (normal Word document) in your MyDocuments folder.
  • Close the template.
  • Open Microsoft Word an open the template from your MyDocuments folder.
  • Click on File  Save As.
  • Select the Custom Office Template folder.
  • At the bottom of the screen open up the drop down arrow Save as Type and select Word Template.
  • The template will now be available. Click on File  Open and under Personal select to template.