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Books for Fabi

Applications of Genetics to Arthropods of Biological Control Significance Sudhir K Narang 2018

eBook   A first up-to-date summary of the genetic literature on the genetics of arthropod biological control agents. Successful programs and also gaps and needs in research, research constraints, and possible research approaches is presented.  This book provides essential information about the state-of-the-art application of  new methods. It explains how biological control procedures can be improved, covers methods for selecting pesticide-resistant strains of natural enemies, and looks at methods for maintaining genetic diversity and quality control during the rearing of biological control agents in the laboratory.

Google Scholar Fine Tuned - Adjust Settings

Google Scholar

Fine Tune Google Scholar Settings to get Full Texts


After opening the Google Scholar Link at the top do this

Open Menu on the left - find Settings at the bottom

On Settings -- find Library Links -- Open

In Search block type -- Pretoria -- Search

Now tick the 4 boxes that appear


Make your Research visible on Google Scholar

Create your Author Profile 

How ?

Step by step slideshow 

Create an Author Profile on Google Scholar. Track citations to your articles. Update your profile when new articles appear.

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