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Music: Books



Music Library Call Number Codes

MUSOV: Music Audio Visual Collection (Includes Cassettes, Dvds, and VHS tapes)


MUSB: Sheet Music

MUSBN:  Sheet Music Reference Collection (Library use only)

MUSN: Music Reference Collection (Library use only)

MUS: Open Collection 

GV: Reserved Collection / Study Collection

How to search for a book

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: In the search bar, type the name of the book or it's subject, related fields or author

Step 3: Once results are shown, filter them in the left hand column by clicking the appropriate boxes

Step 4: If you cannot find the book try an "advanced search" (the link is on the top right hand-side of the page)

Step 5: Locate the book on the shelf

Step 6: If you cannot find the book, consult your friendly librarian

Search Tips

Tips for more accurate search results.


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